oil pulling, give it a go

image courtesy of http://hellonatural.co/

image courtesy of http://hellonatural.co/

Oil pulling, especially with coconut oil is all the rage in health blogs lately.

Oil pulling is simply using any oil (most prefer coconut oil) as a mouth rinse. It is believed to improve many aspects of oral health such as:

  • heal gingivitis
  • reduce gum bleeding
  • whiten teeth
  • remove plaque
  • remove harmful bacteria

There are also claims that it can reduce headaches, detoxify, and reduce the frequency of cavities. More people choose coconut oil because it has anti-bacterial properties and also tastes pretty good. Ayurvedic medicine traditionally uses sesame oil, but really anything can be used. Just try to make it organic and cold pressed to make sure there is nothing potentially harmful in the oil.

I finally decided to give it a go. The first time is a bit of an odd experience. I gagged for a moment, but got over it. After that everything was fine. I have only been oil pulling for a few days now and will certainly fill you in later on how it’s going and future results I see.  So far, I do rather feel like my teeth are a tiny bit whiter and they feel smooth and clean when I’m done!

The basic steps are as follows:

  • scoop out about a tablespoon of coconut oil (you can start with less until you get used to the experience)
  • wait and chew the oil up until it is melted, then begin swishing
  • swish gently so as not to tire your jaw and cheeks out, but do pull it through your teeth and keep it moving
  • after 15 to 20 minutes spit it out into the garbage as spitting it into the sink will eventually clog your drain
  • rinse with water and give your teeth a gentle brush
  • you’re done!

This is also best done in the morning on an empty stomach to get the full benefits (so all the information out there says).

It is pretty easy to incorporate into a morning routine. I’ve simply bumped forward my breakfast time and get swishing first thing when I wake. I spend those 20 minutes getting dressed and packing my lunch for work. On weekends I catch up on a little reading and the time flies by!

Give it a go and tell me what you think and I’ll have another post later if I begin to notice any fantastic changes! I’m most excited about whiter teeth in such a healthy way!

Good Luck!



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