Making Changes


start every morning with a glass of warm lemon water, a good daily habit

I want to make sure you all know something that I think is REALLY passed over in the healthy eating, nutrition, and lifestyle blogs,

people who write about healthy whole foods and healthy amazing lifestyle tips AREN’T PERFECT!

I am always working to make healthy choices. I don’t eat perfect foods every meal, every day. Sometimes it is hard to pass up on a couple of slices of pizza for dinner when I don’t feel like cooking. If I am out with friends I like to get a drink or two. I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth that I struggle with. I almost can’t say no to doughnuts and cake. I think kettle cooked potato chips are the yummiest things ever. I can down a pint of ice cream without hesitation. I don’t exercise as much as I could. Some days I don’t drink enough water.

But I know what I should do, and I work on it.

I add in little changes. 

If I like that little change I incorporate it into my daily routine until it is a habit I can’t live without.

Like starting my day with a glass of warm lemon water. I know this is a great way to get your digestion going for the day. It kickstarts everything and makes sure the first thing in your system each day is a bunch of water and some alkalizing lemon juice. I started one day and bought a bunch of lemons. I made myself do it every morning for a couple of weeks. Even on the days when I was running a little bit late or didn’t feel like it. Waiting to drink my coffee and eat my breakfast and instead preparing and drinking a cup of warm lemon water felt like a chore.

But eventually, a morning came, when I thought about not doing it and realized I wanted to. My morning didn’t feel right with out it. I’d finally hit the point where it was a coveted morning ritual. It felt good.


And this is how a healthy lifestyle is gained. You can’t do it all at once. Most of us can’t wake up one morning and decide that from this day forward we are going to be the perfect eaters. That we will finally do all those healthy habits that we know are good for us. You’ll never stick with it if you do that. These things take time. And they must each become a TRUE HABIT if we want to make it stick. I think the best way for most of us to be successful at this is to take it one small step at a time.

I found inspiration when I read a post on The Art Of Simple. I really needed those words at the time. Maybe my words can help you too! Especially if you are being hard on yourself for not doing it all right all the time.

Make small changes. Take the time to make one a habit before you tackle the next. Small changes add up to big changes and in the end you may come to a lifestyle of healing without even realizing it.

Let me know what kinds of small changes you’ve made in your life that have boosted your health!

Be Well.



8 thoughts on “Making Changes

  1. Week 3 of and feeling great! I started drinking hot lemon water about a month ago and find I look forward to it now, too. Question: Is it still beneficial if I forget to do it first thing in the morning? Is it ok to have another cup later in the day also? Sometimes it feels like a treat:-)

    • Well done May! You’ll be half way soon and then done before you know it. I will be interested to hear how your sugar cravings are when you are done.

      As to the lemon water: I can’t say for sure if benefits are lost if not taken in the morning and I couldn’t find any information about that in a quick search. But, my personal thoughts on that are that you may lose some of the detoxifying and digestive benefits. Sending that warm lemon juice and a bunch of water into your stomach and digestive track (and kidneys) when they are (or should be) empty of food can really get things moving and flush things out as well as make your gallbladder contract. These may be lost if there is food in your stomach and system and you’ve already eaten. Lemon, however, is still highly nutritious and alkalizing no matter what. So I would say go ahead and enjoy it any time of the day, but do your best to have it first thing. Sometimes I put a lemon slice or two in my water bottle for the day. I’m glad it’s a happy healthy treat for you!

    • Thanks Pauline!
      Yes, we are only human. With so much information out in the world now about how to “be a better you” it can leave us feeling a bit low sometimes. I think it is so important to remember that we are all in a different place and for different reasons.

    • I’m so glad you agree Daisy! It is so easy to beat ourselves up when we aren’t doing the things we know are healthy for us. Staying positive and allowing space for growth and small improvements is huge!

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