Advice From A Blog I Love

I’m not sure how many of you read a lot of other blogs, but I have a bunch of really great, positive, thought provoking, inspiring, and yummy blogs I keep up with on a regular basis.  Check out the blogs I follow at the bottom of the page.

Sometimes I read something on another blog that I really want to make sure everyone sees; whether it be the most amazing recipe or some words I find truly inspiring or wise.

So here is my first “advice from a blog I LOVE”.


Deliciously Ella is such a positive blog. Ella has become wise in the ways of food and nourishment through struggling in the past with her own health. For her, food truly is medicine. Her joy for life comes through strongly in the posts she writes, and many of her recipes are so simple and delicious!

One thing I struggle with often is “falling off the bandwagon” of healthy eating. My major food/lifestyle battle is emotional eating. I have some real junky favorites I turn to when I’ve had a bad day. We’re talking ice-cream, potato chips, cake, donuts, and pizza!  Not all at once of course.  But I have my weak moments, and when I indulge I ALWAYS wish I hadn’t.

Deliciously Ella has posted some very true and helpful words of advice for when you fall off the bandwagon, and how to help yourself stay on it.

Please, also note her words that healthy eating shouldn’t feel like deprivation or a chore. It should just be the way you eat. That comes with time, but until you get there, read her post here for some inspiration!


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