Capsule Wardrobes For a Healthier Lifestyle


So, I am sure if you spend any time on the internet you’ve probably heard of a capsule wardrobe. They are becoming all the rage.

I LOVE the idea of a capsule wardrobe. It makes life so much easier.

If you’ve managed not to hear about it yet let me fill you in:

The basic idea is that you clear your closet of ANY clothing you don’t LOVE. Then pair it down into a seasonal selection of about 40 pieces. Clothing you still love and want to save for another time you put in a storage box somewhere in the house. Some people have 4 capsule wardrobes, one for each season change. Some people prefer two; one for warm weather and one for cold weather. Any way you break it down, it means reducing the daily choice of putting together an outfit  you love, that makes you feel good, and looks good too. Of course, some planning needs to go into this as most pieces need to coordinate in oder to maximize options. Some great capsule wardrobe resources are Unfancy, and The Simply Luxurious Life.

I am on my way to having a capsule wardrobe. It can be hard if you are on a super tight budget. There may be some essential clothing items you really want to round it out but you just can’t afford them right now. For those of us on a budget there is going to have to be a longer transition time while we save up for these items. The good news is, you can clear out your closet right now and at the very least get rid of those things that you really don’t like anymore, or that have a bad association.

You know, those things you pick up and have sort-of a bad feeling in your gut.

Get rid of it. Now.

It is amazing how much lighter you feel after you’ve done this. Put things back in your closet neatly. Arrange them by color. Fold things nice and neat. Stash things that are out of season away until they are needed again. Look into the KonMari method by the now quite famous Marie Kondo. While perhaps a wee bit on the OCD side of tidying-up, her methods for clearing out clutter and organizing what you do have left are AMAZING. I read her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, last October and immediately started using some of her recommendations. Who knew standing up folded pants in your drawer made so much more room!! I then got her book as a Christmas gift for several of my loved ones. (Look for her folding demos on YouTube).

Give it a go when you have a little time. Clearing out your closet and having only things you love to put on every day can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and how you tackle your day. It also can start a chain reaction of clearing out and making space in the rest of your house that can impact your whole life.

Removing the weight of belongings makes us lighter and leaves room for the things that really matter. This is a topic I love and hope to get into more later. Read about one Mom’s journey here. Becoming Minimalist also has some wise words on why we should have fewer clothes, here.

How do you feel about your stuff? And your closet and wardrobe in particular? Do you think it weighs you down at all? Does it impact how you start your day and how you feel about yourself? Is a capsule wardrobe something you want to try? Do you have any good tips for clearing out the clothing clutter?

Be well, Jen


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