Habits and Comfort Zones


I’m still working on change.  I will be working on changing probably forever.

There is always room for improving ourselves and our habits. I’m not saying that we should be seeking perfection.  No one can do that, and we shouldn’t try. But, as I’ve said in previous posts, we have behaviors and thought patterns that do not serve us and do us no good.

It is important to identify the choices you are making that are holding you back.  Because you ALWAYS have a choice.

Something’s clicked since I graduated from nutrition school.

I am suddenly faced with the fact that if I don’t put myself out there and work, work, work, this nutrition career of mine is going to fall flat. When I think about the big picture it is overwhelming and daunting. The amount of work that needs to be done to get me there is insane.

But, luckily, I realized that in time to do something about it.  Just thinking about the end game was so overwhelming to me that I was choosing to do nothing. I was not moving forward. Finally, I remembered my own advice, small changes add up to big changes. Tiny steps forward. Each time I do anything at all towards creating my ideal future I am that much closer to it. Anything at all.

So I ordered business cards for a business that doesn’t exist yet.

But I have them and they are beautiful and an amazing reminder that I am going somewhere with this. I can’t share them with you until I have the actual, legal, business registered and licensed. But trust me, they are awesome.

I started reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People yesterday.  I’ve heard of this book for a long time.  The title is not one I am really drawn to. It sounds like a book a real type A personality would like, someone who is an extreme extrovert.  This person is not me.  I am an extreme introvert. I’ve stayed at home all weekend and I loved it.  I was invited to a party but I didn’t go because I was happy at home reading, as I’d already been doing all day. Anyway, we can talk about being an introvert later….

Back to the book.  I am AMAZED at how great this book it. No wonder its sold over 15 million copies and was a national bestseller. Geez. It isn’t at all a rah rah book of motivation, it’s about changing how you think about yourself and your accountability for your actions and choices. It helps you to realize that you ALWAYS have a choice. You make the decision on how you react to a situation. You decide how you live your life. You decide how you spend your free time. You decide what you eat. The list goes on.

I’m only half-way through right now, but  will probably finish it today. Many of the points and thought processes are ones I have been applying to my own life for years, but there is still so much to be gleaned from the pages. Lots of “ah-ha” moments.  The other great thing is that it gets you thinking about what you are doing to hold yourself back. It gets you thinking about your own thought patterns and behaviors that keep you from being your best self. It helps you to realize where you need to make changes in your habits to make your best life possible.

This is where my little info-gram at the top of the page comes in.  I just drew this up for you then took a picture of it because I have no idea how to make that on a computer, plus I like the look of hand-drawn images. Anyway, you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone in order for change to happen.

If you don’t change anything, nothing is going to change. 

So, think about your life as it is right now.  Don’t think about the past and how it has affected you. Don’t daydream possible ideal futures. Don’t say the words “I can’t”, “But”, ” If only”. Think about what you are doing right now that is holding you back.

What are you CHOOSING to do that is keeping you from creating your best possible life.

Get out of your comfort zone, create some new habits, banish the old. Take that first small step forward that will put you on the path of a more fulfilling life.

It’s hard leaving your comfort zone, but it must be done in order for the magic to happen.

Have you read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? What did you think? Did it help you to make changes? Share some inspiration!

be well, jen


2 thoughts on “Habits and Comfort Zones

    • Thanks Mike! I am glad you loved the book as well. I am getting into some real good stuff now about priorities. The best quote “Organize and execute around priorities”. Such a simple statement, such a simple idea, but one many of us do not follow, and then complain that our life is not where we want it to be.

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